Stabilizing A Sinking Pool with Helicals in Laguna Niguel

By Robin Smith

Customer: Brian W.

Location: Laguna Niguel, CA 

Project Consultant: Mark Cook

Project Manager: Dimitri Pierce

Engineers: Terradyne Geotechnical Engineering, SFA Engineering


Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Brian called into us because his pool contractor had recommended he reach out to us for an inspection. He was concerned that the pool was sinking, because there were signs of damage to the pool and surrounding area. The pool had continuously had cracks appearing. The pool deck had also sunk below the pool coping, and there was a big gap where the partition wall was separating.   


What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Mark Cook, our Project Consultant, met Brian at his home for an inspection of the pool. Mark’s inspection revealed poor soil conditions at the property. For this project, Geotechnical Engineering was needed, and we enlisted the help of Terradyne Geotechnical Engineering. Terradyne drills and bores out samples of the soils at depths of 6’-12’. Those samples are then lab tested for moisture, density, and expansion potential. Structural Engineering was also needed for this project, and SFA Engineering was able to help with the preliminary design.


To stabilize this pool, Mark and the Engineers at Terradyne and SFA agreed that this project would require a total of 7 Helical Piers, 3 Helical Tie-Backs, and installation of a grade beam with a rebar cage.


Project Manager, Dimitri Pierce and his crew were in charge of this project. Upon arrival, Dimitri walked the jobsite with the homeowner, and walked him through what to expect for the project, and briefed him with an estimated completion date of the project. The crew started by excavating the holes for the pier locations. Next, some of the helical locations were installed with the drive motor to maximum torque. Then, the crew started excavating a trench on the backside of the pool to install the grade beam, and rebar cage. The remaining helical piers and helical tiebacks were installed and capped. From there, the rebar cage was built. Once everything was installed, Dimitri and the crew backfilled all ot the locations with dirt, and cleaned up the jobsite. Now Brian and his family are back to enjoying their beautiful pool!

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