Stabilizing A Foundation After A Slab Leak In Lake Forest

By Robin Smith

Customer: Todd K.

Location: Lake Forest, CA

Project Consultant: Joe Harris


Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Todd called us from a hotel room in Lake Forest, CA. He and his family had been forced out of their home due to an unexpected slab leak, and had been living in a hotel until they could get someone out to fix the problem. Todd mentioned that he was having issues trying to find a contractor who could help with this problem at a residence, and need our help fast!


What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Luckily, our Project Consultant, Joe Harris was in the area that day. He had made some changes to his already busy schedule, but he was able to get out to Todd’s home that same day! Joe got on site and did a full inspection of the property. Upon inspection, he found that 3 corners of the home had water erosion damage from the slab leak, and were in need of a Polyurethane Void Fill to stabilize the home’s foundation. The largest of the areas required almost 300 sq ft of void fill. Typically our crews our scheduled weeks in advance, but because this situation had forced Todd’s family out of their home, we wanted to mobilize fast. Within a few days, we were able to send our Poly Crew out to the home to complete the project. The project was able to be completed in just 1 day! And because our Polyurethane Foam cures almost instantly, the home was stabilized and safe for their family to move back into that same day!

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