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New year, new you. New year, new…home? It may not rhyme, but now is a great time to make your home better than ever. Make sure that your home repair and improvement needs are added to your New Year’s resolutions.


Have you ever wondered why your doors aren’t square or why, when you walk into a room at your home, it feels like you are walking downhill to one of the corners? These and other signs can be contributed to a foundation that has settled or sank.

These things can, if left unaddressed, typically continue to get worse. We have seen as much as 2 inches of settlement in a year’s time. Granted this is brought on by extreme conditions, but it does happen. Even smaller amounts of settlement can cause huge issues with your home. Not only will the settling cause cracks in drywall, sticking windows, and your doors to be misaligned, it can also

lead to a huge hit in the overall value of your home. Homes with foundation issues can lose up to 30% of its market value. That’s a high price to pay for something that can be repaired.


Not to fear though, Dalinghaus Construction has bought and sold numerous homes that probably have had the same symptoms that your home may be experiencing. Our repair methods will not only lift and level your home, but it will also bring back that previously lost 30% value. This fix comes with a manufacturer-backed 25-year warranty that is transferable if you are looking to sell your home.

We at Dalinghaus Construction strive to bring you solutions to all your home’s issues and look forward to assisting you with all of your 2018 home improvement endeavors. Make 2018 a new year for you and your home! Happy New Year!

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