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Don’t worry – you aren’t the only dummy. Most people are dummies when it comes to foundation repair. But that is why Dalinghaus Construction has put together “Foundation Repair for Dummies” with the buttons below. It is our goal to make foundation repair very easy to understand. We often get questions from people such as “What is a Push Pier?” or “How do I know if I need a Structural Engineer?” These are the types of questions we want to answer for you. If you really want to get well beyond the “dummy” category and move into more advanced learning for foundation repair we highly recommend our “Tip of the Day” series of videos. In these videos you will see Brian Dalinghaus and other team members really break down foundation repair. You can learn about commonly used foundation repair industry terms, the products that we use, how we install our foundation repair products and so much more. When we started the “Tip of the Day” series others in the indusrty questioned how we can do it daily. It’s because we understand there is so much to learn. We also know from talking to homeowners just how much YOU want to learn. Knowledge is definitely key to making the best decisions you can for your foundation.

Also, we want to answer your questions. So consider this an open invitation. Call us, setup an appointment for an inspection, message us through our website. We are here for you and no question is “dumb”. If you are asking it, it means you want to protect your home and your family. That’s what we want to do, too!

Time to learn! Click on the buttons below to go to different locations on our website to learn about who we are and more about the causes of and solutions for foundation repair:



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